Here Is Now


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released February 29, 2012

All Songs Written and Produced by Sarah Badiee and Sarah Owens



all rights reserved


SQUARAH Los Angeles, California

SQUARAH is the organic-electro duo of Sarah Badiee and Sarah Owens. Beats/Synth/Cello/Vocals

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Track Name: Roots
What do you know? And how do you know it's true?
Would it be different if you were me and I were you?
It's time we know the truth

But not those superficial truths
That lead to universal proofs
A dance between the day and dead
Let's get back to our roots

Those nappy nappy roots
Where we live life in the groove
Not worry about the next move
It will end up how you choose

So tell me what you want to hear
and I'll tell you to keep it real

We've got to keep it real
Track Name: Awake
We need to read between the lines, those vines
A jungle through and through
It's a jungle through and through

For it's here that concealed a little reveal
And it's here we see the truth
That it's a jungle through and through
It's a jungle through and through

When the city sleeps
Warriors rise to their feet
Education is the key
So move to the light do it whole-heartedly

Lets move in retrograde
Lets rotate a different way
So the darkest night turns to daylight
And the city awakes

If you want it,
Go and get it.
Track Name: Break In
Inside the lines
We often hide
Or find ourselves trapped
Without a way in

But go out
Freak out
Of the box
And into the now

Let's break in.
Track Name: Occupy Your Mind
What's happening here?
We are the solution loud and clear
Change is dancing among us
And the future is here

Get up
Stand up
For something
Or this country will fall for nothing

We are the 99
Now Occupy Your Mind.